7 Scientific Reasons Why Being Short Is Actually Healthy
Published: Nov 28, 2015

Yes, we know we’ve done problems short people face  and problems some women who are vertically challenged have. But to be a 100 per cent honest with you, being short isn’t all that bad. There are actually some health benefits that ONLY short people have! Here they are:

1. You have a more stable marriage

Men who are below 5’6 are less likely to end their marriage in divorce as compared to men of average height. This is because according to reasearch done bye a New York University study,

“If the courtship process takes longer for shorter men, on average, then short men who eventually enter marriage may be entering it on more solid ground,”


2. Less chances of getting cancer

This is something no one wants but according to a study taller people have an increased risk for cancer than shorter people.  Hormonal and genetic factors that contribute to height may also stimulate cancer growth.


3. You’ll live LONGER

A shorter stature = a longer lifespan. Researchers tracked 8,000 Japanese-American men for 40 years and found that the taller guys were more likely to die. Shorter guys have a gene linked to longevity.


4. More Sex!

A study in Hungary found men who stood below 5’7 had more sex than those men who were taller.


5. Safer Life

Shorter people are less likely to to get into fights or be antagonised.


6. Less likely to get heat strokes

In a hot environment, the shorter person’s surface area in proportion to body heat generated at rest allows him/her to lose heat more readily than taller people of similar body builds.


7. Less likely to develop blood clots

Men over 5’8 were more likely to develop blood clots than those who were shorter. This is because in tall people, blood must be pumped a longer distance by the calf muscle. This causes reduced flow in the legs risking clotting.


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