8 Horror Movies Based On True Events
Published: Jun 19, 2016

Scary movies are already scary because they take your mind to a dark place and make you scary things. You have some solace in the fact that they’re just movies and aren’t real, but what makes some scary movies even scarier is the fact that they’re based on true stories.

Here are some scary movies based on true stories:

1. The Exorcist

Claimed to be one of the most scariest movies of all times was based on a true story of demonic possession. In reality it was a boy who used an Ouija board to contact his deceased relative which caused unexplained noises to occur in the house. The boy then started showing signs of demonic possession but was cured after 30 exorcism attempts.

2. The hills have eyes

In the movie a family is captured and harassed by cannibals living in hills. The real story is about a grave diggers son who didnt want to be like his father so ran away from home with his girlfriend. He didnt have money to he would rob travellers and sometimes kill them and eat their bodies. They had many children and grand children through incest.

3. Hard Candy

In the movie a man is after a young woman to captrue and rape her but the girl captures the man instead and tortures him. The true events that inspired the movie are about Japanese girls who tempt business men intro private locations and then beat, rob and torture them.

4. The haunting in Connecticut

In the movie the family movies to Connecticut where the whole family begin to experience hallucinations. The real story is the family moves to be closer to the university their son was receiving cancer treatment from. The building they lived in was a funeral home and the family reported strange noises and sights in the home.

5. The exorcism of Emily Rose

A priest is held in court for the murder of a woman who was supposedly possessed. The true story is about a woman named Anneliese who suffered from depression and epilepsy and was given an anti-convulsant drug by psychotherapists. That drug, along with her other conditions, was believed to have caused her to hallucinate and hear voices.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the movie “Leather Face” Attacks people with chainsaws and takes off their faces and wears them. The true story is about Ed Gein who had nine human skin masks in his possession.

7. Open Water

A movie about two scuba who get lost at sea. It’s based on two people who also were lost at sea and never found.

8. The Entity

The movie is about a woman is assualted violently and sexually by entities. The movie is based on a woman who claimed she was assaulted by an entity. When two investigators went to the scene they saw apparitions and objects move on their own accord.