8 Reasons Yoga Isn’t Just For Women
Published: Jul 24, 2015

Yoga is considered as a girl thing. If a man tells people he is into yoga or is simply considering its prospects, he is told, “Yoga is for chicks.” Here are 8 eight reasons that explain how yoga will benefit you as men.

Take a deep breath!

1. Stress relief



Yes punching a bag or benching 300 pounds do help, but there’s no comparison with the calm you will have after a yoga session. While lifting weights pumps you up, yoga helps you relax and trains you to relax your mind along with your body.


2. Increased flexibility



High intensity sessions like crossfit workouts produce a lot of lactic acid in your muscles. Yoga will help flush out the acid by stretching and releasing tension in the muscles.


3. Prevents injuries and helps in recovery



Yoga uses controlled movement and concentrated stretches to help pump blood within the body and helps stretch muscles slowly, which in turn helps in healing and recovery. Yoga also helps in scanning the body for injuries and muscle imbalances and with proper breathing, stretching and posing, will get rid of these problems in no time.


4. Improve stamina



Yoga will help you breathe effectively and efficiently, increasing and improving your stamina. The long breaths you have to hold on to during yoga, increase your lung capacity significantly.


5. Makes you stronger



Yoga uses your own body weight to build mass and strength. It focuses on flexibility and strength training. By holding poses such as push-ups and extended squat positions for longer periods, you can increase body strength.


6. Improve libido



Yoga helps you focus. Breathing techniques will help you divert energy towards your core, groin and hips increasing the strength and blood flow to these places, making you more energetic and great in bed!


7. Improves digestion



Increased flexibility even improves digestion, keeping you slim and improves athletic performance. Numerous twists and postures are especially designed to massage your internal organs and keep food moving along. Yoga really does help you remain slim and trim.


8. Makes you smarter



Yoga helps you focus and improve brain function. By taking deep breaths and increasing the amount of oxygen you take in, you will have clarity of mind and you will be able to focus better on what you’re doing.

In short, yoga will make you smarter, stronger, flexible and a much better person overall!