9 Pakistani Ads That Are Just UNREAL
Source: Screenshot
Published: May 16, 2015

These days advertising is just like a fairy tale, attractive, eye catching, exciting but beyond reality. Do you believe these things happen in real life?

Imagine a talking bed at night? NOOOOOOO!!

Do you do all this while making the tea? Huh?

Really? Women don’t nag like this, guys. Honestly. Sheesh!

Boys and girls your Mr or Miss right is just a “Tulsi”  sachet away.

I love Sprite but sadly this never happens to me. Pyass lagi but hawa mein waat nahi lagi.

Yes, because wearing lawn magically transports me to these beautiful places. Of course.

We have a national biscuit? Are you kidding me?

I bought a new phone today, everyone ready to dance? Is this a joke?

Come on guys, seriously? I have never heard any one say, “kali kali kheel jaheyon wali“, to any girl.