A Kid Was Arrested For Making A Clock – This Is What The Internet Had To Say About That
Published: Sep 18, 2015

One day, a Muslim boy, 14-year-old, named Ahmed Mohammad, who lived in the United States of America, built his very own clock and took it to show his teacher at school. He was very excited. But when his teachers saw the clock, they looked at Ahmed long and hard and said, this looks like a bomb to me. Suddenly ‘fearing’ this child she taught for so long, she called the police to have Ahmed arrested. Because he made a clock.


I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her, it was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it.

People were quick to react to what happened to Ahmed and most of it was outrage. Ahmed even got tweets and comments from very famous people such as,

The president of the United States,

Mark Zuckerburg

Hillary Clinton

Even our very own Hamza Ali Abbasi


And then the fun started.

The truth about the bomb,

Who doesn’t hate clock blockers?

Has Ahmed started a new fashion trend?


If your name is Ahmed you’re probably dangerous.

That’s a big bomb

Maybe the Texas police should stay in school a bit longer,

Ahmed’s actual diabolical plan,

His father’s reaction to the press outside his house,

Labels that need to be put everywhere.

Flavor Flav supporting Ahmed

And a conspiracy, which does sound suspiciously true,

Though Ahmed’s day may have started out really bad, terrifying even, the future sure does look bright for this kid and every other child to build a clock from scratch at the age of 14.