Americans Are Crazy
Published: Dec 28, 2015

American’s are crazy no one can deny it.


But whats crazier are not the things they do to other people but the things they do to their very own partners. As children we were taught to use our words, and not be violent but some people in America don’t know how to express themselves with out being violent.


Let’s look at two cases of domestic violence for the most retarded of reasons ever.

The first one happened in Florida where a woman beat her husband with elbows and kicks and keeping kicking him till he fell off the bed.


The husband suffered a bloody lip and has four or five six inch scratches on his chest


The reason you ask?

He would not stop passing gas.


Yup she beat him up because he wouldn’t stop farting.  If you think that’s crazy wait till you hear about this other couple

A boyfriend and girlfriend were living together. The girlfriend being a sweetheart offered to buy her boyfriend some McDonald’s for breakfast.


Any normal person would be happy and ecstatic that he’s being offered a delicious meal from McDonald’s but how does Burly Barton(The Boyfriend) react?

He shoved her on to the bed and choked her until she struggled to breathe


The reason? He said she was trying to make him angry by offering him Mcdonald’s when he was on a diet.

Jeez have you never forgotten something about someone Burton?

Man American’s are crazy.