Amitabh Bachchan Lends Voice To Project Issues The Modern Woman Of Today Faces
Source: Screengrab
Published: Sep 16, 2016

Amitabh Bachchan gave his powerful voice in an intense video in collaboration with a digital channel Blush. The video projects all the issues that the modern women of today faces.

Watch the video here:

Bachchan projects the various do’s and dont’s the women of today have to follow and how sometime they compromise and silence themselves on several daily decisions starting from wearing a dress, wearing a red lipstick, the food to eat or the sports to play.

Source:  Screengrab BLUSH YouTube channel
Source: Screengrab BLUSH YouTube channel

The message of this video revolves around the lines of how women are constantly judged, body shamed, stereotyped and face moral policing leading them to ultimately give up to become that¬†‘perfect girl’ the society wants.

Source: Screengrab
Source: Screengrab

By the end of the video comes a very powerful message by Mr. Bachchan urging women to not compromise when he says ‘ab samjhauta nahin’ and asks the woman of today to break free from all these stereo types.