Atif Aslam Thinks Pakistan Should Separate Itself From Item Numbers
Source: pakium.com
Published: Nov 27, 2015

Atif Aslam is known for giving us many musical hits not only in Pakistan but also across the border, in India.

Source: zeenews.india.com
Source: zeenews.india.com

Atif sang quite a few songs like Pehli Nazar Mein, Tera Hone Laga Hu, Piya O Re Piya and many more for Bollywood movies and now his song ‘Dil kare’ will be featured in the upcoming Pakistani movie, ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’.

While talking about his video he also talked about how Pakistan should go against Bollywood item numbers which will in turn give us better music.

“Our music is entirely different from Bollywood music and I can clearly distinguish between them. We have different tastes in music composition, and playback singing has just revived in Pakistan. If we go against item numbers, we can produce much better music than Bollywood,”

Recently, Naseeruddin Shah, a veteran Bollywood actor commented on Pakistani movies in these hard-hitting words:

“Pakistani directors always try to follow Bollywood and Bollywood always tries to follow Hollywood, even the posters of our films are bad copies of Hollywood. The biggest tragedy would be if Pakistani cinema continues producing bad copies of Bollywood, which they have been doing. I hope it finds its own identity and I have a feeling it will.”

Source: en.dailypakistan.com.pk
Source: en.dailypakistan.com.pk

Pakistan has it’s own identity and it’s time Pakistani’s realise that as well. What do you think? Has Pakistan been producing Bollywood-inspired content?

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