Boy Takes Exam Dressed As Girl, Find Out Why!
Published: Jun 10, 2015

How much would you do for the one you love? Would you go to the end of the earth? Would you climb the highest mountain? Would you go to the moon and back? Okay, let’s get real! Would you take your significant others exam dressed like them?


Well then, you definitely don’t love your significant other like this man loves his girlfriend!


Ayan Zhamedov’s girlfriend was super stressed about her end of the year tests. So instead of giving her a shoulder to lean on, a pep-talk or anything else, Ayan decided the best thing would be to take the exam for her!


No, this isn’t an episode from a TV sitcom, this is real life.


To be able to give her exam – Ayan had to look like a girl. So he went and bought himself a black wig, wore a white blouse and grey skirt, and actually snuck into the exam room! The examiners noticed this ‘girl’ and became suspicious. When they questioned her, Ayan answered back in his best ‘girl voice’. Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough.


Yahoo reports:

“We suspected it might be another woman that had taken the candidate’s place, but we never suspected it was a man that had taken her place. At least not until he started speaking.”

Ayan was charged over $2100 for his actions. But here’s the best part: A local business man, impressed with his actions, has decided to pay half his fine!

Love does make us do crazy things…

What is craziest thing you have done for the one you love?