Camera That Can Track Blood Flow In The Entire Body
Published: Jan 28, 2016

The University of Waterloo announced that its researchers have developed a new touch less system that monitors blood flow in the entire body. The system called Coded Hemodynamic Imaging, is a portable device that can be operated like any mobile camera system such as those found in smartphones for taking self portraits.

Source: dailymail
Source: dailymail

According to Rober Amelard, one of the researchers at the university:

“Traditional systems in wide use now take one blood pulse reading at one spot on the body. This device acts like many virtual sensors that measure blood flow behaviour on various parts of the body. The device relays measurements from all of these pulse points to a computer for continuous monitoring.”


According to the university’s official statement:

“The device works like a video camera but it does more than capture the image of a subject. Through the use of a medical hardware design and digital signal processing, it interacts with light sources in order to look deeper into the skin and proceeds on highlighting the blood flow on the device display. The image captured is a visualization of the blood as it pumps throughout the body.  It is also safe to use since the device does not use X-ray radiation or ultrasound.”

Coded Hemodynamic Imaging is among the biggest achievements in technological world, this device can be helpful to identify blood flow problems or future arterial blockage in the body.