Don’t Think Peshawar Is Fun? Here Are 13 Reasons To Prove You WRONG!
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Published: Jun 17, 2015

Bored in Peshawar? Want to get out but don’t know where to go? Don’t think this place can be fun? Then worry no more! Here are 13 places you must visit if you’re spending your summers here:

1) Fort Balar Hisar

One of Peshawar’s historic places made by the Mughals is a 100 feet above the ground and gives a beautiful panoramic view of all of Peshawar. It is known as “Qilla Bala Hisar” which means a “High Fort”. The fort also has a museum inside with weapons and dresses from a bygone era. A must go!

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2) Peshawar Gandaharan Museum

This museum houses the largest collection of Gandaharan art in the world. From friezes depicting Buddha’s life to winged cupids and Herculean heroes, this place has everything a history buff would love!

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3) Qissa Khawani Bazaar

Qissa Khawani Bazaar meaning the ‘Bazaar of story tellers’ is a the one place you would go to actually discover Peshawar, meet the people and observe the city’s most intimate areas. It used to be a place where professional story tellers would come and different caravans would stay at the inns. It is a gigantic part of Peshawar’s history. You will also find lots of brass items, historical buildings and clay items here.

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4) Army stadium

A must go for families, this huge park is equipped with lots of park rides, fast food restaurants and local fabrics. The large fields present also make for great picnic spots!

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5) Chowk Yadgar

Literally meaning ‘the place of remembrance’, Chowk Yadgar is a famous landmark in Peshawar. It is the focal point of many political and cultural activities of Peshawar city. To feel the true essence of Peshawar one must visit this place.

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6) Sethi Houses

These beautiful houses are decorated with carved wooden doors, partitions, balconies, and mirrored and painted rooms. They were made by traditional business men and now stand as works of art.


7) Jamrud Fort

Located at the entrance of the Khyber Pass, this is another historical landmark. When Jamrud was conquered by the Sikhs, they set up base here.

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8) Khyber Pass

A mountain pass connecting Pakistan to Afghanistan and an integral part of the silk road. One of the oldest passes in the world, this is a must see historical land mark in Peshawar.

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9)  Khalid Bin Walid bagh (Garden)

Located at the heart of Saddar, an old Mughal styled garden with many old trees and roses. It truly is a place of beauty.

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10) Islamia college, University of Peshawar

You’ve probably seen the university even if you haven’t been to Peshawar. How? It’s on the 100 rupee note. A huge college made in a Mughal style with huge gardens and many sport facilities. There is a reason it is on our currency guys, go discover why!

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11) Hayatabad

An area in Peshawar where you can find anything and everything. With many shops of your choosing, the bargain you will here, you will not find anywhere else in the country!

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12) Tatara Park

An amusement park made especially for kids with tons of rides for everyone to enjoy!

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13) Karkhano

Also known as a smugglers bazaar, you can find anything and everything here, including imported goods at extremely inexpensive prices.

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So if you’re heading to Peshawar and don’t know what do to or where all to go – these places should definitely have solved that little problem! No excuses now, huh? Go explore!