“How Gay Is Pakistan” Reveals The Problems Of The LGBT Community In Pakistan
Published: Dec 4, 2015

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community does exist in Pakistan, just like it does in any other part of the world. Just because we live in complete denial does not mean they do not exist. They exist among us and this documentary shows what society and religious preachers think about them and the kind of problems they face in Pakistan.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

British YouTuber, Mawaan Rizwan, who happens to be gay himself, asks what life is really like for gay people in Pakistan, where homosexuality is illegal and considered by some as a disease. In this revealing journey to the country of his birth, Mawaan meets people living gay and transgender lives despite the constant fear of persecution. He discovers a fascinating and shocking private world where sex between men is surprisingly common, but where LGBT rights are limited. During his time in the country he’s also offered a miracle herbal “cure” for his own homosexuality.

Being gay in Pakistan is no laughing matter, but Rizwan did a good job injecting some humour in a documentary about something as taboo as LGBT. Perhaps it is time we start treating out LGBT community as human and address the miseries they face due to our denial.