If This Monkey Can Beat Addiction, So Can You!
Published: Nov 6, 2015

Nicolas, a tufted Capuchin monkey, was going through some major problems…


Life is hard on everyone, but not everyone can cope with it within… appropriate means.


Sadly, for Nicolas he turned to alcohol and cigarettes to deal with life.


The addiction became so acute that he had to take anti-depressants to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.


But thanks to a Chilean treatment facility, he has overcome his demons and has gone back to doing what he does best. Being a monkey.


All jokes aside though, poor Nicholas was abused in captivity, he was taught how to smoke cigarettes and was given alcohol by his so-called care takers.


“They liked to see his reactions when he drank. He became more aggressive, and that made them laugh,”

Nicolas was forced to drink so often that he became addicted to alcohol. After going through a rehab program similar to the ones human addicts undergo, he is now in recovery.


“Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are the most common things (abusive owners) give to monkeys, because they see it as a game,”

One monkey was even taught to steal jewels from unsuspecting people on the street, while another, an aging female, was subjected to hormone treatments in a laboratory.


We at Webchutney.Pk are quite against animal abuse and were very upset when we heard what was happening to these monkeys. Owners of those monkeys who have been abused should be prosecuted to the law’s fullest extent.

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