Mawra Hocane Making Waves (And Friends) In Bollywood!
mawra hocane
Published: Jun 26, 2015

Pakistan’s glamorous beauty, Mawra Hocane, is getting special attention from major Bollywood stars these days. First it was Ranbir Kapoor who admired our artist on Instagram, and now his mother, Neetu Singh, is also seen to have praised her work on Instagram.

Ranbir Kapoor’s video message for Mawra was:

And Neetu Singh’s message on one of Mawra’s pictures was:

Mawra responded with grace too:


Mawra is currently busy shooting her upcoming Bollywood movie featuring Telugu actor, Harshvardhan Rane. The film will be released in September.

Source: Express Tribune

Apart from her current project, Mawra has signed two additional Bollywood movies. While she has yet to share the details of her other two projects, we are excited nonetheless.

Source: Mawra Facebook page

Earlier, a sizzling photo-shoot of the young star went viral after it was posted, and subsequently removed from the Facebook page of Dubai based photographer Paul Aiken. Many of her fans were seen criticising her for doing such a “bold” photo-shoot. This was one of the photographs that went viral:

Source: All Pakistan Drama face book Page

Her fans did not appreciate this new look and many showed their disapproval in the comments:

Source: All Pakistan Drama face book Page

Later, Mawra told The Express Tribune that,

“This is not the official poster, it’s one of the shots from the shoots.”

Source: Mawra Facebook page

The gorgeous actress has been posting pictures on Instagram during her stay in India, keeping her fans updated about her whereabouts.






With three Bollywood projects in the pipeline, Mawra is most definitely strengthening her position and will make us proud! Good luck!