Meet Wally The Bunny – He Puts Your Hair Care To Shame!
Source: Instagram (@wally_and_molly)
Published: Jun 4, 2015

There are times when the internet gives us the cuddliest pet sensations ever. This is one of those times.

Meet Wally the bunny.

A 10-month old Angora Rabbit, born in July 2014, as mentioned on his Instagram page, run by his owner, Molly.

There's nothing like having a bunny head in your hand. #theresabunnyheadinmyhand!

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Wally has up to 93.7k followers on Instagram because this bunny, apart from being so-damn-cute, has really strong hair game!


Here is him doing his hair.

How are you so fabulous, Wally?

He doesn’t mind having a bit of hair accessory every now and then.

So cute!

Here is his just-got-out-of-bed look!

Wally? You look a little like a puppet. And a Muppet. "I'M A MUPPET PUPPET!"

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The hair-caught-in-the-wind look.

(Disclaimer: This is a really long story, which was not my intention. It just happened.) Okay … Wally needs to talk about something serious. He peed on a couch pillow (pictured). It was because he was trying to sneak ferns (pictured). By sneak, I mean he bunny-tiptoed across the couch to the ferns, pausing and ever so slightly turning his head away (as though I'd believe he had no interest in this lush greenery inches away from his nose!) as I again and again said, "Wally! Ferns aren't for bunnies!" (I've read that some ferns are poisonous. I'm not sure about this one, but it literally has furry, evil-looking vines that grace the carpet and I was worried they'd come alive in Wally's stomach.) … Okay, Wally wants to tell the rest. "I just wanted to TASTE IT! A tiny sample for Wally's belly! …" Wally? "I'm too ashamed to go on." Aw, Wally! It's okay! These are very bunny-ish things to do! And you're a BUNNY! "The only way I'll ever be at peace is to publicly reveal my flaws!" (Hmm … this is a very extreme perspective. Wally and I will talk about this before bed.) So … Wally conveniently took shelter under the plant table. (Imagine those curtain-like door hangings made from strands of beads. That's what the fern leaves looked like dangling around the table, concealing Wally.) Just as his pink bunny-mouth extended upward toward a VINE of all things! I urgently squeezed my way to his cove and pulled the swaying vine from his lips. However, being the mammoth vine that it was, I couldn't free it in its entirety. I acted on impulse and reached into the rabbit mouth, retrieving the massive vine fragment. (I’m exaggerating, it wasn’t that big.) Wally was VERY upset by this. But the struggle wasn't over! I had to lift him to safety. He squirmed like a … imagine a violently flopping fish on land … So Wally fish-flopped until I put him down … on the LIGHT BLUE PILLOW! What happened next is a blur … "I PEED!" (Wally just announced this with pride – what a peculiarly rapid mood shift.) Yes, you sunk down comfortably into the pillow (with a piercing, beady-eyed glare) and peed. I immediately lifted him up and placed him in his litter box. The end. Out of space.

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And, this is Wally trying out his new shoes!

"I want everyone to see my new SHOES!" Okay, Wally. I will tell your followers you got new shoes! "NO! They can't KNOW that I want them to KNOW!" Why not, Wally? "I'm a HUMBLE BUNNY! Just say, 'Here is a nice picture of Wally.'" But Wally? We need to be honest. It's okay to tell people you're proud of your new shoes. "I'm PROUD of my NEW SHOES! If you want some, you can't! Wally already bought them!" (Oh no. This is not exactly what I had in mind.) Wally? There are more pairs of shoes just like yours that people can buy. You might make people sad by telling them they can't have something special that you have. (Wally gasps.) "Wally makes people SAD?! I'm a BAD BUNNY!" Sigh. Wally and I will talk more about this …

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Story inspired by DailyMail