Pakistani BodyBuilder Wins Gold
Published: Nov 24, 2015

Earlier this year Atif Anwar became the first Pakistani ever to win an Arnold classic!

We were all very proud of Atif for bringing back gold to Pakistan and now we have another reason to be proud again. We have another bodybuilder who won gold again in another bodybuilding competition.

His name is Salman Ahmad 


You may remember Salman from when he posted a video which went viral where he spoke about how Pakistani Bodybuilders don’t get the recognition they deserve, and about how cricket is the only sport that Pakistani’s support.

That very same Salman Ahmad who had won silver has now won gold in a Musclemania a bodybuilding competition.


Here he is winning the gold and making his country proud!

And here he is in this emotional video thanking everyone who has supported him through the tough times and motivating him to follow his dreams.

Congratulations Salman Ahmad! You’ve made us and your country proud.