Pakistanis Who Are Having An Out-Of-This-World Experience – Literally!
pakistanis in space
Published: Apr 20, 2015

Not many people in the world can claim they have gone to space. From many countries less than a handful of people can say they have. But there are two Pakistanis who can proudly claim exactly that!

The first Pakistani Astronaut ever in space was Namira Salim.

Namira 1

Born in 1975 Karachi, Pakistan Namira has also been the first Pakistani to reach the North Pole and South Pole, and has the distinction of being the first Asian and Pakistani to skydive over Mount Everest.

namira 2

She was short listed from among 100 people around the globe out of 44,000.

namira 3

The second Pakistani Astronaut getting ready for an ‘out-of-world’ trip is Reginald Foulds. Reginald Foulds is one of the oldest candidates going on a one way mission to Mars known as Mars One. He was a former military helicopter pilot.

reginald 1

The mission will be sent in 2024 and Reginald is 100% sure he will be going even though he will be 70-years-old at the time of the launch.

Reginald 2

Reginald is fondly known as ‘Jack of all trades’ by his family.

reginald 3

Not only will he be one of the first people on Mars, he will be one of the first Pakistanis on Mars too!

We wish him and Namira the best of luck for their future!!