Priyanka Chopra Is Now The Voice Of Pakistani Muslim Superhero Ms Marvel
Published: Feb 25, 2016

From Miss World to Miss Marvel – Priyanka Chopra is unstoppable. Bollywood star has voiced a superhero character in a Marvel online game, titled MARVEL Avengers Academy.

Here’s a clip from her voice over:

Priyanka had tweeted on February 5th Ms Marvel is her alter ego in Marvel Universe.

The game features a notable voice cast, including ‘True Detective’ star Alexandra Daddario as Wasp, ‘Arrow’ star Colton Haynes as Thor, Bella Thorne as Tigra, ‘Mad Men’ star Kiernan Shipka as Spider-Woman, Dave Franco as Tony Stark, Alison Brie as Black Widow, rapper A$AP Rocky as Falcon and WWE superstar John Cena as Hulk