Remembering The Legendary Actress ‘Rani’ On Her Birthday With 10 Amazing Songs!
Source: showbizpak.com
Published: Dec 8, 2015

The 69th birthday of legendary actress, Nasira Sarfraz, also known as ‘Rani’, is being celebrated today. She was born on December 8, 1946. With her mesmerising personality, Rani was one of the most successful actresses of the subcontinent. She was also popular for her amazing dance performances.

Source: Tribune
Source: Tribune

Rani acted in several Urdu and Punjabi films. She gained success in the late 1960s when she made a hit paired with, famous actor and producer, Waheed Murad, in her first movie Mehboob. In the early 90’s, Rani also acted in two TV serials by the name of Khowahish and Faraib.

Source: radio.gov.pk
Source: radio.gov.pk

Rani won two Nigar Awards, one for the film Mera ghar meri jannat in 1968 and another for best actress in the film Sona Chandi in 1983. Here’s a collection of some of her most popular songs:

1. Tha Yakeen Ke Aayengi Yeh Raatan Kabhii

2. Katay Na Katey Ray Ratiya

3. Aap dil ki anjuman mein

4. Jo Bacha Tha Wo Lutane Ke Liye

5. Ye Ghar Mera Gulshan Hai

6. Dil Dharke Main Tum Se Yeh Kaise Kahun

7. Main Jis Din Bhula Doon

8. Jis Taraf Ankh Uthaon

9. Izhar Bhi Mushkil Hai

10. Mann Mein Uthi Nai Tarang Nache Mora

 You will always remain in our hearts <3