Saudi Man Divorces ‘Jinxed’ Bride After Two Days Because… Superstition
Published: Oct 27, 2015

On the first day together as a married couple, the drapes in their honeymoon apartment fell down. That night, the waiter who was serving them their first dinner together slipped and fell.

Superstitious: Saudi man divorced his wife because he considered her unlucky when their curtains fell down

Later that night, back at the apartment, the groom proudly told his wife about how great his perfume smelt when suddenly it slipped from his hands!

First, the curtains, then the waiter and now a perfume bottle? There was definitely something strange happening. Very strange. And he was going to get to the bottom of it.

Smashed: The groom also dropped a bottle of perfume when his wife commented on the smell on the first day of their marriage

Obviously, nothing like this had happened before marriage.

It had only been two days since the man had gotten married.

With all this bad luck suddenly surrounding him, he concluded that the bearer of all this bad luck was obviously his new bride. He dropped a bottle of his favourite perfume for cryin’ out loud! That’s definitely bad luck. So before this got any worse, he came up with a solution: Get rid of her.

Despite the man being criticised on social media and blogs, this story ended in a pitiful divorce. But as one blogger put it, his bad luck was her lucky escape.

‘The woman is obviously lucky to move out of the life of an obsessed man with a sick mind,’ he added.

We’ve come across many superstitions that people in this world believe in; don’t open an umbrella inside the house, if a black cat crosses your path – change your path, if a shoe is lying upside down – it is bad luck, if you look into a broken mirror – it is bad luck.


But do any of these warrant an extreme step like divorce?

Will let you answer that.