She Married A Man(nequin)!
Source: http://suzanneheintz.com/
Published: May 16, 2015

Photographer and filmmaker Suzanne Heintz was tired of friends and family persistently asking her when she was going to marry. In an attempt to combat their nagging, she decided to use art, and craftily began sending her family annual greeting cards in which she poses serenely alongside her ‘husband and daughter’ — who in actuality are mannequins! This project was shot over a stupendous period of 14 years and was called Life Once Removed. It’s a take on the notions of what ‘success’ means to women, and how it is usually associated with becoming a wife and a mother.

1. A happy, married couple!

2. Meant for each other!

3. They look so happy together!

4. When he proposed…

5. The dude needs a bigger towel!

6. Ah! Touring with family!

7. The daughter looks rather nerdy!

8. No better place to rest your head, isn’t it?

9. A family of snow angels!

10. Family, when you need it!

11. Nothing like it!

12. Romance in the rain!

13. Nothing like an Easter egg hunt.

14. You know they’re in love!

15. Serious dad at the table!

16. Picnic time!

17. Please, don’t go.

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