Social Media Pays Homage To The Attack On PAF Base Badaber
Source: ONLINE
Published: Sep 19, 2015

Yesterday, Friday September 18, 2015, 16 people attacked a mosque in Badaber. An Air Force base located on the outskirts of Peshawar. This happened during Friday morning prayers. 29 people including 16 PAF officers were martyred.

A very brave 27-year-old soldier led the troops for the clearance operation. He fought with bravery and managed to get the situation under control. 13 terrorists were killed in the operation but he embraced martyrdom while on duty.

The Pakistani nation was gripped with terror once again and were ever so grateful to the Pakistani armed forces for recovering the base in time. But sadness prevailed with the loss.

This is how the people of Pakistan reacted to the attack:

The #IamAsfandYar trend has also started trending in honour of the captain who led the forces: