Step Aside Grumpy Cat And Make Way For The Saddest Cat On The Internet!
Published: Jul 8, 2015

Everyone knows Grumpy cat, the cute Siamese cat who looks like someone perpetually irritates the life of out of him. He’s just a grumpy looking cat. Even when he’s happy.


But Grumpy cat is old news – we have a new cat in town and this one’s the saddest looking cat you will ever come across. Little Luhu has been making waves on Instagram and doesn’t look very happy at all.

Look at just how sad this little guy is!

It’s like┬ásomeone broke up with him five seconds ago

Or he found out he failed his exams… again

Or his favourite TV show got cancelled.

His droopy eyebrows make him look so very┬ásad…

It makes us sad to see him so depressed

He lives with two other cats named Barher and Bardie

But he’s still the cutest one of the three.

Cheer up, Luhu!

Life will get better!


You can follow Luhu on Instagram here.