Stupidest Robberies From Last Week
By Mani
Published: Jun 2, 2015

In Iowa, the police were called when they received reports that a near-by market store had been robbed.



Upon reaching the scene, they noticed a trail of lottery tickets and snack foods. Following the trail, they found Francisco Munoz 100 yards away from the store, carrying two cases of Corona Beer. Munoz had bloodshot eyes and showed signs of intoxication as well.

He also had nacho cheese stains on his shirt, which matched the trail of wrappers he had left behind him.


Munoz had allegedly smashed the store’s windows with a brick and caused around $1,000 worth of damage.



If you think Munoz is stupid, you are not alone. But he isn’t the stupidest of robbers that you would come across. For that, you would have to read about Ross Evans, who clearly wins at screwing the one thing he was supposed to do right.

Evans, a resident of Brookside, in Britain, ordered a pizza for himself but refused to pay the delivery man when he arrived. He then pushed the man backwards before grabbing the food from him and running away.



He later came back and jumped the fence into his house. He was arrested by the police an hour later when the neighbours called and told them what had happened.

So this goes to show that while you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to steal something, such utter stupidity can be fatal.