Talha Anjum, AKA Young Stunners, Is Back With Munshiyaat!
Talha Anjum Rasheed
Published: Nov 17, 2015

Pakistani musician and rapper, Talha Anjum Rasheed, a.k.a “Young Stunners”, is back with his latest rap song “Munshiyaat”.

Source: Young Stunners *Official Fan Page*
Source: Young Stunners *Official Fan Page*

Other songs by Talha include ‘Outta Control‘, ‘Thand Rakh‘, ‘Naraaz Na Hona‘, ‘LunChorLine‘, ‘Baap Ki Sarkaar‘, ‘Dil Shikasta‘ and many others.

Source: pmm.net.pk
Source: pmm.net.pk

Talha Anjum also gave two big hit songs one of which was ‘Burger-e-Karachi‘ and the other was ‘Maila Majnu‘.


The song ‘Munshiyaat‘ is about people, especially those who take drugs and destroy their own lives. It’s written by Talha Anjum and produced by YS Studio & Productions. Here it is:

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