The Cost Of Saying No
Published: May 7, 2016

Sidra, a 20 year old divorced girl along with her 2 year old son was living with her parents. After her divorce, her neighbour Arsalan aggressively want to marry her.


Sidra do not want to get married again, she was working in a factory and supporting her family. One morning, she was standing at the bus stop, waiting to go to work. Her neighbour Arsalan threw acid on her face and yelled.

“If you can’t be mine, you won’t be fit to be someone else’s either.”


Sidra is suffering from physical burns and fighting for justice. Her court hearing, which was scheduled for earlier this week at the City Court in Karachi, has been adjourned until Monday, May 9.

Under the Criminal Law Amendment 2011 Act acid attacks are supposed to be registered under Section 336 which makes it a non-compoundable offence. It also prescribes a punishment of no less than 14 years with a minimum fine of 1 million rupees. Most times the police register the FIR under Section 324 – attempt to murder – and the attackers often secure bail.


It costs Rs. 50 to buy a bottle of a acid. But it takes  thousands of rupees to pay her medical bills.


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