The ‘Oombrella’ That Informs You If It Will Rain
Published: Mar 2, 2016

Meet Oombrella, the magical umbrella that informs you it will rain. The world’s first ‘smart and connected’ umbrella can predict the weather for the next half hour, using its own sensors as well as data from a social media community. You don’t have to be caught in the rain without an umbrella anymore, because this high-tech version umbrella will keep you updated all the time.

Source: Oombrella/BNPS

Source: Oombrella/BNPS

The reflective multi-coloured Oombrella uses technology to record light, humidity, and temperature, before it is collated, analysed and broadcast back to smartphones, providing almost instant local weather updates

Source: Oombrella/BNPS

Source: Oombrella/BNPS

The reflective multi-coloured Oombrella transforms its users into into mobile weather stations, which can predict rain half an hour before it hits.

The Oombrella is brightly colored, and it sends notifications on your smartphones by sharing data to users who use the weather app Wezzo.


The Oombrella will send alerts to your mobile phone if it realises you accidentally leave it at home or in a restaurant, using its GPS tracker.


Oombrellas are not for sale yet but they will be available on Kickstarter this winter. The weather app Wezzoo is already used in 189 countries and in five different languages. Oombrella users will connect and share their weather data with the Wezzoo community.

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