These 17 Pictures Reveal Secrets About Your Worst Nightmares
Source: wittyfeed.com
Published: Jun 12, 2015

What is your biggest fear?

Every human being is born with some instinctual fears, such as the fear of the dark or fear of being eaten by the devil. The fears decrease in intensity as one gets old. Joshua Hoffine is an American photographer who is interested in knowing more about the psychology of fear and hence photographs his own children and family, portraying some of the classical fears faced by people.

He calls it “Horror, as an art form, draws its strength from the unconscious”.

1. You wake up and in the middle of the night to drink some water and…

2. Remember the boy who lived under the stairs?

3. They are all here to take you in.

4. Make sure you check underneath your bed and your closet.

5. Recreating the fears people have.

6. That is the creepiest picture I have ever seen.

7. Is it really a man’s best friend?

8. Want some candy, little girl?

9. He uses some of the most bizarre and less seen props.

10. You’re never really alone in the house.

11. The terrifying serial killer.

12. This picture will haunt you every time you take a bath!

13. Fear of shadows is also quite common. Remember ‘It’?!

Here, the role of the clown was actually played by Joshua’s mother-in law.

14. Who is there behind the door?

15. This photograph is enough to give some nightmares!

16. That’s utterly freakish!


17. This one looks like from some horror movie.

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