These 3D Bathroom Floors Are Out Of This World!
Published: May 25, 2015

Get ready to experience the new age of using a bathroom (and pooping). You will either love them or be scared to even step in. Let’s have a closer look!

Caution! Wet Floor

Did we just enter the ‘Nemo World’ ?

It looks like an underwater cave!

Beach anyone?

Sigh. I might end up sitting here the whole day.

Classic and dangerous!

A bit much… but I mean, look at the effects!

Imagine falling into a Rubik’s Cube. Scary huh?

Could you step on a fish?

Wanna go swimming with the fish?

A bathroom aquarium – not everyone’s cup of tea, but quite cool nonetheless.

I want to step out of the bath tub and on the the beach. Voila!

Kind of makes you think, what would you concentrate on? The surrounding or pooping?

Summer delight.

The traffic is so fishy these days…

You will definitely love walking on this floor!

She isn’t real.

Chilling with our underwater buddies!

I am in love with these creative bathroom floors!

Coral reef is just a step away… literally!

Starfish anyone?

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