These Pakistani Models Are The New Dubsmash Queens!
Published: Nov 19, 2015

The Dubsmash wave hit social media in the summers and our celebrities made some really cool Dubsmash videos for their fans. And to add to the mix, supermodels Nadia Hussain, Sunita Marshall, Rubya Chaudhry and Tooba Siddiqui, and event planner Asimyar Tiwana jumped on the bandwagon too and made some hilarious Dubsmash videos.

The gang made their debut by mocking anchor Ayesha Sana’s outburst in a hilarious Dubsmash video:

Followed by this Dubsmash of Naz Pan Masala‘s unforgettable advert:

This Bollywood inspired Nagin dance:

And finally the most famous dialogue from the film Charlie’s Angels:

Our favourite is their take on Ayesha Sana’s outburst!