This 12-year-old Was Australia’s President for 2 Days
Published: Apr 19, 2016

Yes you read that correct! An Australian kid Orley Fenelon who is rather brilliant became at the age of 12 was the Australian President for two days! Well at least on Wikipedia

And we all know Wikipedia has all the facts. So according to those facts Fenelon was Australia’s 30th Prime Minister for two days.

Wikipedia allows any user to amend entries, though its army of volunteer editors works to weed out any factual errors. But they forgot to go through this important news.  Or maybe they wanted a change in presidency.

The young genius verified his identity, and said that he didn’t actually expect his Wikipedia joke with friends to turn into global news.

Orley has done similar pranks before but without the same level of interest.

“I was just bored and it was a running joke among friends. We came up with the joke of fooling around with the prime minister. Me and a couple of friends were editing Wikipedia pages and it kinda went from there,” he said.

“I thought it was just a stupid Internet thing that I would make a joke about, get above average amount of likes on Instagram and just totally forget about forever.” The Internet, as we know, does not forget. Fenelon has made his place in the history books, forever.

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