This Cherry Kids Bonbon Chocolate Cake Pop Is The Cutest Dessert Ever!
Published: Oct 29, 2015

Are you bad at cooking in general? Well this simple recipe can help you make the cutest and the most creative looking dessert. If you love cherries and chocolate then this is perfect for you.

The recipe for 15 pieces

1. Melt 50g chocolate by warming it in hot water.
2. Crumble 90g of your favorite cake. For the video, we picked cocoa flavored pound cake. You can use any store-bought spongecake you have available.
3.Combine the chocolate and crumbled cake along with 23g (1.5 tbsp) fresh cream and mix.
4.Wipe off the moisture from the cherries.
5.Divide the cream and cake mixture into 10g portions.
6.Wrap the cherries in the cake mixture and line them up on parchment paper. Refrigerate.
7.Melt 150g chocolate for coating by warming in hot water. We used Wilton’s Red Candy Melts for the video. Since they were slightly hard, we mixed white chocolate with them as well.
8. Coat the cherries in the chocolate. Place them on parchment paper. Refrigerate.

The original video can be found here