This Is The Funniest Take Of Adele’s ‘Hello’ You Will Ever Find On The Internet!
Published: Dec 30, 2015

Adele’s Hello¬†made waves. Within a few hours of its release on digital platforms the song and music video had gone viral. People loved it and they were happy to have Adele back. But along with the happy-go-lucky listeners out there, there a section of the audience that was sick of hearing a sob story in every Adele song.

To get a real feel of the video in question, you must listen to Adele’s Hello first. So for those of you who haven’t heard it, here it is:

NOTE: Make sure you watch the video carefully! 

Watched it properly? Now open up the main video featured in this post and have a fantastic new year! We are pretty sure Adele will want 2015 to end as fast as possible.