Top 10 Most Amazing Aquariums in the World
By Alex
Published: Jul 24, 2015

Aquariums are very beautiful, and people like to keep them at their homes. Everyone in this world loves fishes because of their beauty, and they are very close to nature as well. The concept of aquariums was given at the times of Roman. The first ever fish that was kept in the aquarium was Sea Barbel. Then after that, the concept of the glass was given by Romans and to keep the fishes in those glass boxes to clear the view for the people. Then China developed the Aquariums of glass to keep those fishes at home that look very beautiful and charming as well.

The first ever aquarium made to keep in the home was called Fish house in about 1853. Then after 20th century this concept became a hobby, and now almost every house has its aquarium with beautiful fishes which they bought from best fish markets in the world. It is named as the 2nd most famous hobby in the world. By viewing this list, people will be surprised to see the luxurious aquariums of the world. The following are top 10 best and luxurious aquariums in the world:

10. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

It is very large fishbowl and also has the privilege to have the biggest acrylic panel in the whole world. It is mainly situated in Japan. It is recommended to see this beautiful fishbowl for the people visiting Japan. It was opened for the people in 2002 at the Expo park. It is very beautiful and famous fishbowl as in just three years, 4 manta rays are born in this fishbowl. It is the most memorable trip for the people visiting this fishbowl because of its beauty and luxury.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

9. uShaka Marine World, South Africa

This beautiful fishbowl is located in Durban, which is located in South Africa. It is very different fishbowl because of the fishes in it and the design of this fishbowl. This huge fishbowl has almost 32 tanks in it in which there are different creatures in every tank. In this fishbowl, there are not only fishes but also water horses and dolphins as well. It also has a restaurant in this fishbowl for the people visiting this fishbowl. People visiting it can enjoy with the water animals and spend time with them as well.

uShaka Marine World, South Africa

8. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China

It is very different kind of fishbowl which has an underwater tunnel of almost 155 meters. People are visiting this fishbowl walk in the tunnel and can see different creatures on their journey, and that makes the most memorable journey for those people. It is very different fishbowl in which there are very rare species as well. People going there can also see the Chinese water dragons and different kind of penguins as well which will surprised the people going there.


7. Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

It is very big fishbowl that was introduced for the people in 1984. It has still maintained its status and considered as the most beautiful and best aquariums in the world. It has almost 35000 water animals in it among which some of them are very rare. The total animals of this fishbowl belong to about 623 species of the world. The animals in thins aquariums are jellyfish, water wolfs, sharks and many others. This fishbowl is open for the whole year, and it does not provide you the view but also much educational information as well.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

6. L`Oceanografic, Spain

This beautiful fishbowl is located in Valencia, which is the place in Spain. The place itself is very beautiful and worth watching and so is the fishbowl. It is considered as the largest aquarium in the whole Europe and the largest fishbowl in the world as well. The total area covered by this fishbowl is almost 110,000 square meters. This fishbowl has the water animals from the most popular places like Arctic, Antarctic as well. It has almost 45000 water animals in it which are loved by the people and worth watching as well.

L`Oceanografic, Spain

5. Turkuazoo, Turkey

This beautiful aquarium is located in Istanbul, which is the city of Turkey. This large aquarium is considered as the center of water and marine research in the world. It is made inside a shopping mall that is the big entertainment for the people going there. It has almost 30 different areas and has different zones for the exhibiting of different animals. In this aquarium, there are almost 10000 animals in which there are sharks, big fishes, and different water animals as well. It is a great place to visit this aquarium for people going there.


4. Aquadom, Germany

It is also very big crystal that is located in a hotel in Germany. The area of this crystal bowl is not very big, but the whole structure of this aquarium is very impressive. It is in a very different shape that is almost of 11 meters. In this aquarium, there are millions of water and almost 2600 different water creatures in it. It also has glass elevators that will also show the whole aquarium from the elevator as well.

The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany-Rich marine vegetation tourism destinations

3. Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

It is considered as one of the largest crystal bowl in the whole world. It is very beautiful and impressive crystal bowl. It has different sections in it which also has an Ocean section is well which is the most appealing for the people. This section has the biggest animals like sharks in it which has the total water capacity of 24 million liters.

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

2. The Deep Aquarium, England

It is very beautiful and big fishbowl of the world. It looks like a submarine rather than an aquarium. It is filled with almost 2.5 million liters of water in it for the animals. It has very rare species of animals that are about 3500 different animals. In 2002, it was considered as the biggest tourists’ attention from the whole world. It also has water labs in it for different researchers.

The Deep Aquarium, England

1. Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre, Dubai

Dubai is a very famous country in terms of beautiful places and tourism as well. This aquarium is the major tourist attraction in Dubai. This huge aquarium is located in the big Dubai Mall. It has the biggest acrylic panel of the world. It has almost 33000 water animals in it in which there are about 85 different species from all over the world.

Dubai Aquarium and discovery Centre, Dubai

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