Want To Catch A Thief? Post A Bad Selfie Of Them
Published: Jan 13, 2014

Donald ‘Chip’ Pugh Did not like a selfie posted of him by the police, he claimed it was unflattering


To be honest I don’t blame him. It is a really bad picture. Chip was wanted for¬†wanted failing to appear in court on a drink driving charge AND is a¬†person of interest in an arson and a vandalism case. So you could say chip was pretty popular with the police.

Chip not wanting people to see his bad side decided to do this

Yes Chip sent the police a selfie of himself because the picture they put up of him was not a good one. I think it’s safe to say social media is making some people crazy or just plain stupid


And eventually this happened

Yes Chip was caught by the police thanks to social media. Moral of the story don’t give so much attention to social media. Also don’t break the law guys!