We Found Out What Cats Are Scared Of – The Result WILL Shock you!
Published: Nov 19, 2015

All of us already know that cat’s are neurotic animals who would kill us if they were big enough. If you didn’t know that, read this!


Yes, Sir, cats are crazy. But what’s crazier are what cats are really afraid of.


Watch this video and find out:

Yup, that’s right! Your cat is terrified of cucumbers for no apparent reason.


Though it would be hilarious to do this to your own cat, Jill Goldman an expert on animal behavior explains that cucumbers trigger the cat’s natural startled response since they would normally not see a cucumber on the floor behind them. So though the reaction may be hilarious you are actually bothering and scaring your cat.


Goldman also stressed that this was not safe and causes the animal unnecessary anxiety. She further said,

“If you do it for laughs it makes me question your humanity.”

John Bradshaw a cat behaviour expert agrees. He finds the video despicable and said that the video was,

“An incitement for people to scare their cats and then invite people to laugh at them.”


So, while it may be funny on video, don’t bother your poor pet by scaring them like that.


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