What This Artist Created By Using Only Beach Trash Will Amaze You!
Published: Jun 12, 2015

The vast oceans are a medium through which all the countries are connected. But, there is a big issue regarding the trash and the waste materials. All the trash collected is near Mexico’s Caribbean coastline in Sian Ka’an. Alejandro Duran is an artist who uses trash to create beautiful art and designs.

Alejandro collected trash from around 50 nations and six continents around the world. Here are some of the photographs of artworks that were made by Duran.

This is how the trash gets collected at the shores.

The working project is called “Washed Up” and was created to overcome the tension between the natural world and the drastically increasing wastes.

That’s seriously a lot of waste material!

Focus of this project is to portray the condition of our oceans.

He arranged the brushes found in beach trash in a really impressive manner.

He created color based and site-specific sculptures by using all the plastic and other waste materials that come near the shore of the oceans.

This is looking simply incredible!

Funky colored coconuts

I like the way he has used the bottle caps in a creative way.

What an alarming artwork!

He decorated the trees using waste materials.

He even used trash from the factories in his artwork.

He used rubbers and elements of vehicles to create a wonderful installation.

Duran recently received the Juror’s award and his work was also exhibited at Habana Outpost in Brooklyn.

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