Why You Shouldn’t Use Q-Tips Even Though They Feel So Good
Published: Jan 29, 2016

No one likes ear wax, it’s one of those annoying things our body makes which we have to clean up.


The best way clean up ear wax is by using a Q tip though, and nothing feels better than cleaning your ears with a Q-tip especially when you dig deep in with it.


But surprisingly they do more harm than good! On a box of Q tips you will notice a warning

“Do not insert inside the ear canal.”


But that is the reason most people buy them. What happens when we use  Q tips are that we manage to push more wax deep into our ear canal past where it should naturally stay and is produced.


Too much cleaning can lead to ear damage and skin complications. The wax in our ears helps protect the ear canal from infections. What you happen to take out is supposed to be in there.


So stop cleaning your ears with Q tips and don’t push them inside your ear. If you can’t stop cleaning your ears and really enjoy doing it, limit your cleaning to three times per month.