Women Abuzz Over Mirror Nail Polish
Published: Jul 15, 2016

The mirror nail polish by Born Pretty has made women lose their minds! This mirror nail polish also known as the chrome nail polish differs from all the other metallic nail polishes.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

It is uber reflective, the look is not new, but people used different forms of nail arts and nail wraps to get this look previously.


Now, there is a nail polish that can give your nails a reflective look. The metallic shade is created in two steps: first, a base coat of clear polish, then a silver, reflective topcoat to create the mirrored effect.


For the chrome look Born Pretty offers another cool product- a mirrored powder that you rub on your polish with an eye shadow applicator.


 Here is the video of this fascinating nail polish:

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